Project: The Hero Scholarship

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Project: The Hero Scholarship

Implemented by: The Andan Foundation

The Hero Scholarship was developed and granted by the Andan Foundation in Antigua and Barbuda following the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma in September 2017, which left a large portion of the islands’ population displaced. The scholarship program is promoted by the Halo Foundation in collaboration with St. Mary’s University in Canada.

The Hero Scholarships aim to ease the financial barrier to tertiary-level education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are academically talented and who deserve special recognition for their humanitarian acts of bravery and kindness. The scholarships are therefore bestowed upon deserving youths for their commitment to community and their dedication to humanitarian causes.

Successful students receive full scholarships in their chosen discipline — inclusive of tuition, accommodation, meals, university-related fees, medical insurance, and text books — at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada.

Andan now plans to extend this initiative to refugees in other countries in order to promote a new community of ‘heroes’ — young change-makers able to contribute to their regions’ ongoing development and success.

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